Addiction Rehab

Addiction Rehab – What You Need to Know About It

Recovering from addiction is quite difficult. It requires immense efforts and hard work to rid oneself of addiction.

Drug rehab programs are designed to help addicts kill the addiction habit and re-enter society as a new, improved person. They aim to help the person get on with life in a normal way, having fulfilling relationships and work life.

Typically, addiction treatment lasts one month, but this time period may exceed depending on the addiction’s severity and the person’s recovery speed.

Steps in the Addiction Rehab Process

The steps of addiction rehab might vary depending on factors, such as type of addiction and treatment plan. However, here are some general steps that are part of the recovery process:


Intake involves determining whether a particular rehab facility will be a good fit for the person. The addict’s family can ask certain relevant questions.

The rehab facility then also carries out certain diagnostic tests to determine which of their programs would suit the addict best. They might look at aspects like person’s abuse history, abuse history in the family, and so on.


Addiction Treatment

After the intake, the rehab center starts the detoxification process. This involves keeping the body free of any toxins, like drugs or alcohol.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur at this stage. However, the facility ensures that discomfort is minimized.


Depending on the addict’s condition, a therapy program is proposed for the client. From figuring out the underlying causes of addiction to providing certain behavioral tips to remain free, therapy can have many goals.

These treatment programs also help the person determine high-risk situations and offer relapse prevention skills.       


As recovery progresses and the therapist feels as if the person is ready to get out of therapy, he/she develops an aftercare program.

This can include programs like support groups, ongoing therapy and so on. The aftercare programs play a major role in preventing relapse.

Commitment to Recovery is of Utmost Importance

Any addiction rehab program aims to create recovery goals for patients. However, its effectiveness depends on the willingness of the addict.

Therapy will only work if the addict really wants to make positive changes. If there is no commitment, the chances of relapse are quite high.

Medication in Rehab

Addiction rehab centers might sometimes resort to medications. They might administer medication to control mental triggers that lead to addiction. The medical treatment can be both short and long term.

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