treatment approaches for drug addiction

A Brief Guide on Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex condition that is characterized by intense and sometimes, uncontrollable craving.

Drug addiction might begin voluntarily but over time, it becomes a compulsion and the person does not have a choice.

It’s a vicious cycle – consuming drugs make changes in brain functioning in ways that lead to further addiction.

Because drug addiction is complex and affects an individual’s life in more ways than one, its treatment is also not straightforward. It is a chronic disease, so being away from drugs for a few days is not the solution.

A comprehensive drug addiction treatment program should not only help the person kill the habit, it must also provide ways to live a healthy and productive life.

Effective Approaches to Treatment

Here are some effective treatment approaches for drug addiction:


Incorporating medication in drug addiction treatment can be a good strategy. It can help reduce withdrawal symptoms at the time of detoxification. However, this should not be considered an end in itself – further treatment would be required.

Medications can also help in the addiction treatment phase. They can be used to restore normal brain functioning and reduce cravings.

Here are two types of addiction and medications used to treat them:

Opioids – Methadone and buprenorphine.

Alcohol – Naltrexone, acamprosate and disulfiram.

Outpatient Behavioral Treatment  

Behavioral treatment allows patients to modify their attitudes and behaviors and provide alternative, productive habits.

Outpatient rehabilitation program is one of the most effective behavioral treatment programs that treats the individual without disrupting their daily life activities. Here are some of the approaches that are part of an outpatient behavioral treatment program:

 intensive outpatient drug addiction program

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This approach allows the patient to think rationally about their addiction. It also equips them with resources to deal better with risky situations.

Motivational Interviewing

It is a philosophy that allows the patient to understand their addiction and get self-motivated for change. The patient decides their own goals in a realistic manner. The goal of the therapist is to equip them with resources to meet them.

Multidimensional Family Therapy

This type of therapeutic procedure brings in the families of the patients and discusses issues. It highlights certain patterns and influences that might be affecting the overall family life. The idea is not only to help the patient get rid of drug addiction, but also improve the overall family life.

With a team of professional drug addiction counselors and therapists, we at BreakThroughs Outpatient Addiction Treatment offer intensive outpatient drug addiction program. Understanding their needs, we provide an individualized plan for each patient. Our effective approach has allowed us to have very low relapse rates. Contact us to learn more.

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