Busting Some Myths about Alcoholism

One look at CDC statistics will make it pretty clear that drinking in the United States is a big thing! Further, an article in the Washington Post stated that 1 out of every 8 American adults is an alcoholic. Though for some of us these are mere numbers and figures, for others, drink related problems and alcoholism are a lot closer to home!


One of the biggest factors that keeps alcoholics addicted and those walking down that road to keep walking it is denial. It is actually significant enough for even substance abuse programs to factor in as a point to be dealt with!

In the case of someone suffering from or on the verge of developing and addiction, denial is a way to semi-deliberately overlook the magnitude of the issue occurring.

Backing up Denial

To further encourage denial, there are a number of misconceptions and myths that allow for a nonchalant attitude towards one’s problem. The trouble with this is that the alcoholic will continue with their habit till a point that damages are near irreversible!

Myths and Misconceptions

We’re going to share a few toxic myths about alcoholism over the course of this blog. If you or someone you love buys into any of these, it might be high time to pull back and take stock!

Culture is Irrelevant

In some countries, the U.S. included, the drinking culture can be rather toxic. We’re talking binges on weekends, drinks in the afternoon post a semi-formal work meeting, drinks to celebrate, drinks to mourn and so on. Though for a regular person, this might mean the occasional hangover, for someone with an addictive personality or disposition, it could mean disaster. Culture is very much relevant because an alcohol accepting and abusing culture means easy access.

 If you’re Functioning You’re Okay

Many alcoholics fail to deal with their problem till a lot later because of the notion that professional functionality equals stability. This is extremely untrue. Sure, we all know about high functioning professionals peppering their time with various substances to keep them going. Does their success mean they are not addicted? Of course, it doesn’t!

Sobriety is for Losers

Many substance users and alcoholics associate sobriety with being uncool, square or boring. This, however, is untrue. The reason many who try to quit drinking for short periods make this association is because their brains have yet to make fresh pleasure associations.

Anyone who has been clean for over a year, might admit to the occasional craving but will also tell you that they have found ways to make their lives and themselves as colorful vibrant and interesting as they THOUGHT they were before!

Sobriety Will Fix Everything

Many recovering alcoholics relapse because they get in to sobering up with the idea that their lives will automatically smooth out. Sure, a lot of your alcohol related problems will vanish. These may include fights at home, trouble with the law or social inappropriateness.

A lot of stressful problems that might have even been key in triggering your alcoholism will still be there. The idea, is that from a sober state of mind you will likely deal with them better. That being said, they will still need to be addressed!

I’m Sober Half the Day

Most alcoholics might argue that they only drink in the evenings or at night. The fact of the matter is alcohol takes a while to clear out of your system. Further, it takes a bit more for your brain chemistry to even out. Most regular drinkers/alcoholics exhibit what you call dry drunk behaviors even when they are sober!

At least I’m not a Drug Addict

This one is actually quite hilarious. It comes from a place of misplaced grandeur and feelings of superiority. Alcohol is very much a drug. It is a depressant to be precise and more powerful than many substances which might even be considered less legal.

Furthermore, the damages you can potentially do on alcohol to others around you, far exceed those than experienced with a number of other substances! This is not to say that other drugs and substances are better alternatives. This is just to say that alcoholism is an equally nasty affliction!


Many struggling with addiction and some enabling them; will have a host of strange and sometimes irrational justifications that they will swear by. The idea is not to shame and argue but to gently challenge and educate.

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism or addiction of any kind and is looking for addiction treatment in the Merced County area, we might just be able to provide the support you need! Check out our services or get in touch for more info on how we could help.

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